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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the EPA rates indoor air quality to be far worse than outside air?  With our ongoing problem with air quality here in the desert it might be hard to believe, but it’s true.  The high level of dust we have here causes problems not only for us physically, but for our air conditioning and heating systems.  Additionally, with the demand for more energy efficient building, homes have been built “tighter,” which can trap contaminants and affect the way you feel on a daily basis.  With most people spending 70% of their life indoors, we want to help our customers understand, identify and then remove the source of the problem to improve their overall state of health.


Restaurant Week 1 2017

Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week – Friday, June 2 – Sunday, June 11, 2017

List of Participating Restaurants

Experience some of the most exciting eateries throughout the Coachella Valley during Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week. It’s the perfect time to dine out with friends and discover a new restaurant, or visit an old favorite. Restaurant Week offers something for everyone.