“Hello Suzanne, I told our web manager to link up to your site. I am constantly telling people about your site because I think it is so easy to use, and informative!” 

Dom Calvano, Custom Care Solutions, In Home Caregivers 

“You have done an absolutely wonderful job putting our listings together for us. I surely appreciate as my wife does that you took the time to make excellence. Your work is a class act and you can direct anyone to me for reference if you need one. Hopefully your site is getting more and more well known and folks will use this wonderful resource. Thank you again for all of your hard work.”

Paul Malkin, Vein Institute of the Desert 

“I own a property management company in San Diego and manage  apartment buildings in the Palm Springs area and recently found your site on Google. I am using your directory to find local service personnel that can provide repairs at our various properties. It is so well organized and easy to use! Do you have similar online directories in other California cities?”

Monica, San Diego, CA 

“I saw the article in today’s paper regarding your business. I spent 25 years with GTE/Verizon as a Rep, DSM, DM and Publishing Mgr. As you probably know we (Verizon) produce an online yellow pages…You put SuperMedia to shame. Your Online Yellow Page product is Excellent. I went looking to find fault and could find none.”


Teresa R. Indio 

“Every now and then a company comes along that is so innovative and so immediately functional that we wonder how we ever got along without it. The Desert Online is that company. It is an example of thinking outside of the box.

In the past, to direct my clients to an address, I would have to go through several cumbersome steps, clicking on a map program, making sure it would be viable, then inserting into my e-mails.

Now, all I have to do is insert the link to the address. I have full confidence that my clients and the non-profit groups with which I work, will have not only the address, but they can pop open a map with directions.

Thank you for a great company that makes my job easier!”

Susan Marie Weber, Management Essentials

“I am emailing today regarding your outstanding business.  You have simplified thumbing through the yellow pages!!  This is probably the most exciting business I have run across in a while and that’s the reason for my email today. Now that I haveTheDesertOnline.com in my favorites, I won’t ever have go back to go back to the phone book :)”

Robin Dalton, Yucca Valley

“I recently got hired as a part-time leasing agent to help find tenants for five empty spaces in a commercial building. I was looking for “design-home improvement” type businesses who would be a good fit for our location.. Once I discovered TheDesertOnline.com, my job just became a lot easier. I typed in categories such as design, lighting, cabinetry, etc, and was able to print out lists of these businesses and either do a mailing or phone them to inform them of our availability.”

Sandy Waddell, Washington Plaza, Bermuda Dunes